I was looking for something retro-futuristic, that was quirky, but functional overall. 
Some atennas that do something like change the volume would be cool.


Before I started, I made a small cube to get some practice with my equipment.
I’m very glad I did, because I learned that:
  1. The tape I was using to assemble it while the glue dried was a bit strong, and rips the top layer of paper when I take it off, so it’d be smart to apply it to my shirt a couple times before using them on the model.
  2. I really need a new knife.

(and so I got one)


I created what I had thought was a spot-on 2D rendering for my design.

Turns out my spatial reasoning skills could use some training.



After a bit of figuring, I managed to measure the correct sides and put all the pieces together.

Ehhh.... could be done better. it was pretty difficult to keep this together to glue, and I realized the center body could easily just be one piece. So I did just that.

Assembly 2

the top and sides

The bottom and ends

Assembled together:

Looking nice! I let the glue set and came back to remove the tape.


Final Body

Some of the gaps between the body and the ends were a bit larger than I’d like, next time I’ll measure the rabbet cuts more closely. 
Also, I either need to really make sure I’m applying the tape to my shirt, or just get a different, less aggressive tape.